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Beach wheelchair or outdoor wheelchair : Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain

Hippocampe Beach wheelchair provides access to beaches, swimming, participation in water-related leisure activities, and hiking, even on snowbound trails.

The outdoor wheelchair Hippocampe has received numerous awards, passed many certification tests. Hippocampe is one of the leader on the market and is now sold worldwide (USA and Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, korea,Israel, Mexico, Bali, Brasil…).

You can also contact and approach associations. A lot of federation or association or federation organize events for people with disabilities and are looking for solutions to facilitate access to open-air activities, giving handicapped persons access to areas that have been up to now difficult or impossible.

FDA cleared and ISO 13 485 (Europe) certified, the Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain meets medical device quality requirements.

Wheelchair options :
A lot of options are availables on our manual wheelchair as headrest, backrest, armrest, sand wheels

The water wheelchair pool Hippocampe

The Hippocampe pool wheelchair allows people with reduced mobility to access to various public pool areas, privates pool or an aquatic park. Made with stainless materials, pool Hippocampe‘s user can access to toilets and changing rooms and cross the footbath. Pool wheelchair allowing the user to avoid transferring several times from a standard wheelchair to another seat, and also avoiding hygienic problems related to operating a standard wheelchair in “barefoot” areas. Users can also access to the pool if small steps or an inclined plane allow the progressive immersion of the Hippocampe.

Pool wheelchair for private pool

In private pool, swimming pool wheelchair allows the user to avoid deterioration problems associated with the private wheelchair in wet areas. With its hydrophobic foam seat, the Vipamat wheelchair is easy to clean.
With his rotative front wheel and its camber the pool wheelchair hippocampe is very stable and allows the user to move easily.

Pool wheelchair in public areas

Pool Hippocampe is an aquatic wheelchair for water parc or community pools. Several water parcs as Europas Parcs or Center Parc choose this wheelchair for their centers. For these establishments open to the public, to have a Vipamat pool wheelchair avoid hygienic problems.

Made inFrance / CE





You are a reseller of medical equipment, wheelchairs, disabled strollers for children and adults, special needs buggy

Since its creation, Vipamat has concentrated its efforts on improving comfort and favouring accessibility to leisure activities.

To this end Vipamat’s team has developed, produced, manufactured, and marketed technical solutions favouring autonomy, to answer special needs.

In order to facilitate acquisition of the equipment, Vipamat has had its products certified and approved by the fda.

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